We pushed out the update led wall pack for emergency situation 07 Aug 2017

It is very happy to introduce risen Led Wall Pack Lighting Fixtures for many users or someone who want to know it, then get the perfect solutions for your individual indoor solution or commercial outdoor projects.

On one hand, the classic fashion black Die Cast Aluminum Housing Fixtures and textured architectural powder coat finish makes these fixtures exceptionally durable and more attractive while the hinged front frame makes installation and maintenance remarkably simple and easy.

On the other hand, Risen led wall pack can Replace 100w To 400w Mental Halide Wall Mounted Fixtures while consuming up to 80% less energy and operating for up to 50000 hours. Powered by high performance, energy-efficient LEDs, the led wall pack produce brighter, longer lasting illumination, reducing shadows and creating a safer nighttime environment while saving energy and maintenance costs.

The inside most important parts of wall pack light are the drivers and the chips. There are the meanwell drivers, risen brand and sosen drivers for your choice. On the base of the actual circumstance, choose the right one for yourself.

The reason of why Customers always come back and choose risen led lightings is not only the best professional service but also the good quality.

Fuzhou Risen Electronics Co., Ltd welcome OEM. Recently we pushed out the update led wall pack for emergency situation. The lighting can offer up to three hours for emergency occurred. The capacity is up to you.

After purchasing any style led lightings from our company, we will offer the first hand updating informations about the logistics and let you know the lasted products news if you need know and want to know. Our technic team in the back of us and sales teams will try our best to save any problems including the install, the way of taking care of lights or other something problems trouble you, please feel free to let us know and let's take it down.

For more details and public promotion plan, welcome to visit the website: to know more news and enjoy the service.

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