Sport Field Led Light 20 Sep 2017

For the outdoor or indoor sport field lighting,the Risen OPTO launched a new line of LED luminaires designed to meet lights need of professional and competition lever sport field. This version series has 100 watt per modular and 50 watt per modular. So it can be consisted to different power as your need. The optional power will be 100w/200w/300w/400/500w and 50w/150w/250w.


 As the light for sport field, we need to pay the attention to the following points.

The first issue is glare. The more LED lights, the more glare they produce. For example, the professional players who think that a 200w Led Sport Field Light last choice for tennis courts. Why? when chasing a ball with your eyes, each LED will appear continuously in your line of sight. Multiplied by 100, this makes it hard for players after watching the LED lamps to see tennis.

So few is more. Equipment for tennis with 500W high power LED only six set, the customized optical glass lens light is pushed down into the center of the Court, rather than in the player's direction.

The second issue is the colour of the light. Professionals feedback indicates that, due to the low color index (CRI), they do not like to play under the blue LED. Risen OPTO 100 watt modular led light may have same Lux with 400 Watt metal halide light high CRI.

What’s more high CRI is most suitable for high definition (HD) photographic and cinematographic.

Why Lux is more important? The difference is the light measurement. Measuring lumens at the LED chip, then multiply by the number of chips. Measured Lux is at the distance away from the light source. So it makes sense that different suppliers have the same wattage lights with the various lux. Why ? This is mainly because of their optical components. The glass lens differ with the normal lower grade polymer optics.

Risen OPTO modular Led Sport Field Light combines the high grade glass lens and precise optics design to make lower wattage LED chips to have higher Lux on the ground with fewer chips in a fixture. Again, 体彩p3总跨度带连线 saves electricity. And it comes with 5 standard years warranty and 5,0000 hours.

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