LED Wall Pack Lighting 14 Aug 2017

LED Wall Packs which lighting fixture mounted on the wall, it’s ideal for parking areas, driveways, sidewalks, commercial entryways.

And also a great solution for security lighting for your backyard, garden, garage, underpasses, to replace traditional High Pressure Sodium and Metal-Halide(MH) fixtures, which take advantage of reduction in energy and maintenance costs.

And the LED Wall Pack Fixture is perfect choose for nighttime illumination. It not only can increase security for outdoor common area lighting, but also enhance the building exteriors by brightening doorways and walkways.

The 体彩p3总跨度带连线 are required fewer units to achieve needed light levels, eliminating frequent lamp changes while producing well-lit sites that are reliably illuminated. It can reduce energy by as much as 85% compared to traditional HID Wall Packs.   

To find the Wall Pack Light that’s best for your purpose, you have to define the light output, power consumption, mounting height, area size, or replacements.

Risen Opto wall pack lights are with 50,000 light life, and Multiple sizes, color temperatures & efficient lumen output are available to provide replacements for HID units ranging from 75w – 400w units.

We also can custom make the wall packs for you according to your requirement.

For more LED lights information, please feel free to visit our website 体彩p3总跨度带连线

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